Wish List Delivery 2012

Hospital delivery

Tuesday 18th December is always a Special Day for us,

We take the gifts the Children have asked for into them on the Children’s Ward,

This year we had the Privilege of Help From Andy Gardiner, The 1st Ever European Tour Professional Disabled Golfer, who actually Won The Czech Open This Year,

I would like to personally thank him for taking the Time & also the Interest in our Charity and wish him all the Very Best in 2103 on Tour,
We will be Keeping in touch and hope to meet again very soon,

Andy is actually Playing a round of Golf at the Belfry with A very Lucky Young Chap Called James Ward who has an Uncle who bought This Prize for James at our Belfry Bash on Friday 23rd November

I am Sure James and his other 2 Guest will have A Fab Time, you could almost say that they have an 18 hole Golf Lesson With a European Tour Golfer!

Thanks again for all your Support and We Wish you all a Merry Christmas & A VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR