Anita’s world record attempt 2018


Name: Anita Collins (Neeta Skeeta)

World Record Attempt: world indoor rowing record (currently 100,000 meters in 16:40:30)
The place: Brace Room at Ryton Organic Gardens
The cause: Children’s Christmas Wishlist and Hedgehog Rest

Superstar Anita Collins attempted the beat the current world record for us and the hedgehogs. This was no easy task, starting at brace room at 8am . Anita rowed like she was on the last life boat escaping the titanic and managed to smash the record by 4hr50mins3. What an amazing feat of endurance from one so wise and mature. We cant possibly say how appreciative we are for the hard work and money raised. You are an outstanding person and a great role model for all.

Record breaking time : 11hrs 50mins