Annual Charity Skydive 2017

Saturday 13th May was Our Skydiving Day & the weather wasn’t looking so good 1st thing in the morning,

I called to check that Jumping was On at 9am and was told to call back at 10.30am,

So at 10.30 we called back & we were given the Go Ahead to make our way there!

We booked in at 12 o clock expecting to jump within a couple of hours but as the weather was so bad in the morning we were delayed & our 1st Trio of Skydivers got suited up at 3.30 for a 4pm Departure,

The family & friends who turned up to support everyone had a 4.5 hr wait but to be with them with all the usual Skydiving Banter was Great to be part of.

1st Trio

I have to say that Ann Clarke (who I have to say was Hyper All Day) along with Connor Her Son & John Her Brother were up first, they all came down with Huge Smiles & as usual all wanted to go again,

2nd Trio

David Annetts, Ann Marie Clarke & Julia Manley all got kitted up at 4pm for a 4.30pm  Departure, again they all went up & came down with smiles for completing there Skydive,

We have added the Photo’s below (Sorry there not in Order, I did add them in the correct sequence but afraid they are all over the place!!!)  if anyone would like any then please free to get in touch

Finally I would just like to say from All of Us here at CCWL, Thank You all not only for taking the day out with family & Friends to do a 13,000ft Skydive but to choose to do it for Our Charity!

Your support really does make a difference when you see that on Sunday 14th May we had our 1st Wish Child & Family Head out to in Florida

Thank You All Again So Much

Craig, Robert (Bob) & Allana