Anybody Else Keen To Help With Fundraising in 2012!

If you were to scroll back through the posts you will see that in Myself along with 3 other guys were to set out to climb Kilimanjaro!

I trained flew out and reached the summit, the other 3 had to postpone due to fundraising issues!

They postponed till June 2012,

They have since Cancelled alltogether which has put our 2012 fundraising back quite a bit as between them they should have cleared £6000+

we are looking for others like Vicki in the post below to take on a charity challenge! I will support and give as much back up as possible if the organising is the issue!!!

Go on Do It For Terminally Ill Children in Coventry & Warwickshire!!!!!!!

you can message me at the bottom if your up for any challenge!