I Don’t Know Anything about ART!!!!!!!!!

You will see a post I made in May about the Rory Mcilroy Water colour being Signed,

I have received an email today from Mark The Artist in Dubai, to say I have listed it wrong!!!!!!

it is not a watercolour, it as follows;

An Acrylic Painting on Canvas that  is 800mm wide x 1000mm high which was from the Race to Dubai Golf Championship,

Worth a lot more money than a Water colour, especially as Rory has just whipped the butts of the American Golfers in the US Open

Ryder Cup winners; Europe

U.S Open Winner; Rory McIlroy (Europe)

Thanks Mark for correcting my mistake

Oh I am also Still Training for Kilimanjaro in December if you would like to sponsor me, dont be shy!!!!!!!!

Happy reading