Kilimanjaro Trekkers 1st off many Reunions!!!!

When we all left Kilimanjaro back in December we all said we would keep in touch!!! sometimes small talk but not on this occasion!!!!!

Most of the trekkers are on Facebook and we have all been in contact finding out Who’s, What, Why & When in 2012

I managed to get a group of us together at the 02 Arena in London on Friday 16th March for a catch up since Kilimanjaro,

What a Fab Night, We had so many Trekkers turn up and meet in the Slug & Lettuce, which is a great releif when you try to arrange something as there is always that thought “will I be there on my own”???

I had a message whilst on the way down to London from Wale, who had only flown home from a Business trip from the U.S that morning and was Knackered and had to travel from london back home to Derbyshire saying that he wasnt going to be able to make it!!! Until That is Keith B got wind of the Message and said that Tiredness wasn’t an acceptable excuse and that 4 red bulls and a night out with us would do him good!!!!

Wale!!! Fair Play for making the effort it was good to see you Buddy! No Pressure Hey!!!

We also had the following trekkers that had travelled from all over the UK to the 02:

Myself, John, Chris, Steve & Siobhan, Leah, Sian, Vic’s, Berni, Rach, Keith, Shah, Jo, Tom & James (skyline Crew /Trek Leaders) Tim & Danie

What an evening!!!! Tequila’s were Flowing as well as the Bacrdi & Cokes, Stella’s, Wines, Vodka’s, the round was a real mix!!!!

it was an amazing Night and hopefully the start of a quite a few Get Togethers for us all,

Thanks again to all for firstly making it to the 02 and then Making it a fantastic night!!!!

Promise to all the Trekkers that were not able to make it that we will get together again real soon

Cheers for now!!!!!!!