Mudnificent 7 2018



Well what to say were back at it again, rolling around in mud and raising money. This year we returned in force, with over 60 runners. It started as a perfect day, clear sky, mild breeze, so perfect. Then it all went to mud , literally. Our group started at 2pm and we’re glad to say all off us finished. So 7 zones off mud, mud, mud and obstacles. We thoroughly enjoyed it , even though at first everyone was a little apprehensive. Once the race started, running through woods, climbing walls, nets, under water, swimming in mud we couldn’t have enjoyed ourselves anymore . You can surely say the same for all that took part just from looking at the photos off their smiles (while covered in mud). A massive thanks to all that took part. so humbling to see so many in our t-shirts, and the increase from last year. Well done to you all and thanks again. See you same place ,same time next year.