Mudnificent 7 OCR Event

On Saturday 12th August we had 12 competitors who signed up for the 7k Mud Run

They were:

Myself, Gareth Collins, Maddy Collins, Charlie Munro, Alice Munro, Jenny Munro, Karl Crowther, Jo Graham, Tony Franklin, Kate Blencowe, Richard Peters & Last but not least Chris Tooth!

What a great day we had, the weather was fantastic and it was definitely No Blood, Loadsa Sweat & So So Many Tears of Laughter / Histerics

So much so that we have all signed up for the 2018 event & we have in the past 24hrs had another 33 people sign up to join us,

We are trying to get a complete Wave of 80 people for the event which will be a fantastic fundraising event for our charity

All we’re asking is a minimum £100 in sponsorship which by the time we pay the entrance fee & T Shirt costs it means there is approx £65 pp towards the Charity

If the photos below make you think I’d like a crack at that then please feel free to get in touch

finally just to say it’s not about the Time it Takes, it’s all about the Time You Have Doing It

hope you enjoy the pics