Skydive 2012 Funds Raised

Just a follow up Post to let all know the amounts that each of our Skydivers Raised when they took it upon themselves to Jump out of a plane from 13,000 ft

All our Skydivers signed up to raise a minimum of £400 each which after all the jumps were paid for would leave us with £800 towards our 2012 Fund

Our Skydivers all did really well and raised amounts as follows

Neil Clarke raised £736.00

Anita Collins raised just under £500.00

Anthony Brown raised £551.00

Guy Sanders Raised £495.00

Amazing effort to all of the above who spared the time and made a fabulous contribution towards the Children’s 2012 Wish List Fund raising after all the Skydive costs a grand Total of


A Massive Thank you to you All for your Support Towards the Children’s Christmas Wish List