Snowdon Climb

Well what a shocker of a weekend!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday 30th July, 4am alarm goes off, Pick up Duncan Childs & Simon Lozzell at 5am

Drive up to snowdon which was nearly 3 hrs, when we arrive, car park is full so travel a further 3 miles to find a lay-by to park up in,

Get the boots & Back pack on and expect to walk back to car park to then start the climb, IF ONLY!!!!!!!!!

Dunc & Si in there wisdom say its pointless walking back to the start as by the time we get to start and walk along the ridge to our position we may as well go straight up the side the mountain to get to the ridge!!!!!!!

Well I kid you not, It was by far the hardest thing I have ever done, I must of stopped 30 times as the side of  the mountain was Massive

I had to carry on as Si carried on and poor old Dunc was left with me!! eventually we make the ridge after approx 90 mins,

We sat and had a bite to eat and we were on the way again, ROCK CLIMBING!!!! NEVER DONE IT BEFORE IN MY LIFE!!!!!

Simon asked if I was scarred of heights, I said it was a bit late to be asking that question when all you can see below you is Rocks & lakes

we eventually made it to the summit which I was happy about as the 1st 90 mins I thought I was gonna have to give up, we had a drink, few photo’s and then set off down the tracks back to the car park, approx half way down who did we bump into on his way up the mountain,  Nathan Baines and his Girlfriend (Nathan is doing Kilimanjaro with me)

I am laughing now but wow this has really opened my eyes into how much more effort I have to put into my training for the December Trek

Must go as have work and then more training to do

Cheers for looking


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