Time Flying By!!!!

Just where is the time going!!!!

so close to the end of January already, unbelievable!!!!

so many people asking what we have going on this Year for the 2012 Wish List,

I am taking a year out from challenges but will be organizing a Charity Golf Day / Auction Evening at some point,

The Wish List this Year has Three Guys who had signed up for Kilimanjaro with me but unfortunately had to withdraw from the Dec 2011 trek due to limited funds, these three guys are due to take on Kilimanjaro in June / July and I wish them all the best as I have been there and WOW its an amazing adventure / Experience with MANY Ups & Down’s, High’s & Low’s but you have to put all that behind you and think off the money your raising for very sick children who face these challenges every day of the week, (makes trekking up Kilimanjaro sound so simple!!!!!!)

Good luck to Nathan Baines, and also James & Tom Pease on your fundraising, Training & the Trek and Thank You again for showing your support for THE CHILDREN’S CHRISTMAS WISH LIST

Thanks to all who read this and keep watching for further info during 2012