UHC&W Charity Clarification

Well I have just had my meeting with Adela Shepard at UHC&W hospital’s Charity Office

Yes there have been changes But they are not really going to effect us to much! Which is Good News!

I think there are a couple of reasons for the changes which are;

1) All the issues regarding Jimmy Saville & other high profile celebs under investigation

2) Nuneaton’s George Elliot Hospital has closed it Children’s Wards so all the sick Children are being transferred directly to Coventry

Putting the 2 issues above together the Trust have implemented the Changes to reduce the amount of people Turning up on the wards that are not either Staff, patients & there Parents / Siblings

Very Understandable,

We can still have a Wish List from the staff / Kiddies as previously done in the past 6 / 7 yrs

The only way we are effected is when we need to deliver gifts, Easter eggs or selection boxes throughout the year I need to arrange a visit so Adela & her Team can make sure it’s a good time & that staff & Parents are made aware that we are delivering & its all organised so we can get photos etc done,

I was also taken to the Kids A&E to see how run down it is, in the next few months work is starting to make alterations to make it bigger & more Kiddy Friendly

We will also be supporting this Dept with finishing touches once the work is completed with soft play area & Toys etc for the Kids & Siblings to use whilst waiting to be seen by A&E Staff

Thanks for your Support & Interest in what’s happening

No real Changes so Let the Fundraising Continue