Vicki Richelet is helping make a Big Difference in 2012!!!!!!!!

On wednesday 7th March I received an email from Just Giving to say that somebody had set up a NEW fundraising page for our Charity;

I automatically hit the link to see that Vicki Richelet had put herself in for a 10k Wolf Run in Warwickshire;

Knowing how many valuble Charities are in Coventry & Warwickshire I had to send Vicki an email firstly to thank her for her support and then to find out the following info:

What is a Wolf Run?
Where its Happening?
Why The Children’s Christmas Wish List?

This is Vicki’s Reply which makes it all worth while and really puts everyday life into perspective!!!!!

Hi Craig,

I chose Xmas wish list because I wanted to support a smaller local charity, having a healthy 4 yr old daughter I realise just how lucky I am . I know others are not so lucky though and I just wanted to help .
The Wolf Run is a 10k extreme run through muddy fields with lakes to go through, streams, walls and many other obsticles! I do exercise 5 times a week but not running, its definitely not my strong point! I am doing it in a pack with others from the stratford leisure centre so hopefully we will drag each other around 🙂

If you would like to help Vicki with her fundraising then you can by simply using the address below;

so simple!!!!!

Please help!!!!

Thanks for taking the time to read & Best of luck to Vicki