Tommy Lloyds Wish Granted

This Wish came about via a Facebook Post by a Lady called Jules Griffiths who was organizing a Local DIY SOS in Rugby for 12 yr old Tommy Lloyd Tommy has a Very Rare form of Muscular Dystrophy and although he is able to walk some distances he is unable to climb stairs, A lift […]

Tommy’s Wish – Granted

Just a couple of weeks ago we heard of Tommy’s Local DIY SOS Home Makeover! Sadly we were unable to help with the house renovation which included a New Lift being installed as Tommy is really struggling with Stairs due to his illness “Muscular Dystrophy” The whole house was redecorated & all new Carpets were […]

1st Annual Family Funday

Sunday 6th August At A Secret Location in Warwickshire, What a Fantastic Day was had by everyone who came along, As the estate is privately owned we had to Personally invite all the Guests for our 1st ever Funday   We had  Wish Families, Fundrisers & fellow supporters who are always there to join in what […]

Holly’s Wish Granted

Sunday 14th May Holly Hughes our 1st Wish Child has arrived at Give Kids The World Village in Florida with Mum Christina, Dad Chris & Aunty Cerys Seeing the attached Photo’s (Not in Any Order) really does make you understand that what we do really does makes a difference! Its only Day 2 for them […]