H.R.Aston Memorial Day & Marton Motor Festival 2018





A huge thanks to David Aston for inviting us over to the memorial day.It was a great honour to be apart of the history of Aston coaches celebrations.Even more so that we were able to have a tombola stall and raise money at no cost. Also a big thanks to Bob Harrington of Harringtons heritage for putting on a vintage coach trip with all proceeds to be donated to our charity. What a marvelous day , beautiful weather, amazing people, money raised, who could ask for more.

stockton family fun day 2018




Stockton f.c. 2 – 1 the rain
what a day. It all started of good at the begining of play, sun was out. stockton f.c came out with some sweet moves leading to a stall of sweeties. Gooooaaaall stockton. 1-0. end to end sunshine till half time. Then came the rain with a cheeky early drizzle. 1-1. all to play for still. Stockton f.c. came back fighting for the cause despite the rain with a spectacular tombola raffle. 2-1 stockton. so all in all , what a fab day . The rain tried , but failed . We had too many champions on our side raising money. A big thanks to stockton football & cricket club for the inviting us to be apart of the family fun day.

Mudnificent 7 2018



Well what to say were back at it again, rolling around in mud and raising money. This year we returned in force, with over 60 runners. It started as a perfect day, clear sky, mild breeze, so perfect. Then it all went to mud , literally. Our group started at 2pm and we’re glad to say all off us finished. So 7 zones off mud, mud, mud and obstacles. We thoroughly enjoyed it , even though at first everyone was a little apprehensive. Once the race started, running through woods, climbing walls, nets, under water, swimming in mud we couldn’t have enjoyed ourselves anymore . You can surely say the same for all that took part just from looking at the photos off their smiles (while covered in mud). A massive thanks to all that took part. so humbling to see so many in our t-shirts, and the increase from last year. Well done to you all and thanks again. See you same place ,same time next year.






Anita’s world record attempt 2018


Name: Anita Collins (Neeta Skeeta)

World Record Attempt: world indoor rowing record (currently 100,000 meters in 16:40:30)
The place: Brace Room at Ryton Organic Gardens
The cause: Children’s Christmas Wishlist and Hedgehog Rest

Superstar Anita Collins attempted the beat the current world record for us and the hedgehogs. This was no easy task, starting at brace room at 8am . Anita rowed like she was on the last life boat escaping the titanic and managed to smash the record by 4hr50mins3. What an amazing feat of endurance from one so wise and mature. We cant possibly say how appreciative we are for the hard work and money raised. You are an outstanding person and a great role model for all.

Record breaking time : 11hrs 50mins

2018 Easter Egg Appeal

What can we say other than a Huge Thank you to so many Individuals & Companies for Helping us Again This Year!

We had collections from Natalie at Coventry Building Society, Mick French and all at Eca Toolfast, Ben & Kelly at Virgin Money Coventry, Turnips Groceries, Castle Farm Equestrian Centre, Laura Liggins, Si Watson, James Neal, Stockton Footy Club, Amy James, Woodbine Farm, Hannah & Sarah Armstrong at Warwickshire Young Farmers, Woodbine stables, DMA Transport, Richard Peters at RMS Auto’s, Zena & Lloyd, Kevin Heffernan, Tanith & Terri Brooks plus many others whom I may not have mentioned. (sorry in advance if I haven’t mentioned you!)

We also purchased lots of Arts & Crafts supplies which were then made into individual Hampers by Tanith & Terri Ann Brooks as shown in Photo’s below

Our Egg Collection was then divided up and delivered to Rugby St Cross Hospital, Warwick Hospital, George Elliott Hospital, UHCoventry & Warwickshire & Zoe’s Place Baby Hospice

Thanks again to all our wonderful Followers, Donors & Delivery Teams